blaise-scavullo-headshotFor as long as I can remember I’ve been searching for what is true. As a child I felt that music had more truth in it than anything else – except for maybe the night sky. Whenever I was inspired to sit at the piano and improvise, the possibilities seemed as infinite as the stars.

Music led me to the University of Miami, which is where I was introduced to meditation. Although I didn’t understand how, my first meditation session took me deeper inside myself than music ever had. So even while I was earning a degree in music I got sidetracked and embarked on a spiritual journey.

When my mom passed away I decided to focus on writing words and music that would help to soothe a troubled mind. As with meditation, what started as something for my own benefit has evolved into something that others may benefit from. I hope the words and music on this site will add to your personal peace.


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